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Greenfin Farms

Urban Aquaponics & Hydroponics Farm in Denton, TX.

Our mission is to provide the means of growing sustainable & organic food systems using innovative farming techniques, open-source data, and embedded technologies.

Our Produce Restaurants get free samples!

Our Produce

Quality Assurance

Greenfin Farms uses only organic methods for growing and cultivating our produce, from the soil to the seed selection. All substrates and fertilizers are OMRI certified, and our seeds are sourced from non-GMO, organic suppliers.


A portion of Microgreens on a white plate.


We supply fresh made-to-order microgreens exclusively in the North Texas area.

A 3 tray minimum order may apply, depending on delivery distance and other logistics.

Delivery fees apply based on your distance in proximity to Denton, TX. All orders are handled over the phone (by humans).

(940) 999-4686