Cilantro Microgreens

Cilantro microgreens have green, narrow leaves with a supportive light, green stem. They have a mild and crisp, but not crunchy, cilantro flavor. Likes its full-grown counterpart, Cilantro microgreens pair well with lemon, lime, onion, garlic, and chile flavors. Nutrients include Vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

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Purchasing Cilantro Microgreens

All purchase can be made over the phone. Restaurants in the Denton Texas area, be sure to ask about our free microgreens sampler.

A 3 tray minimum order may apply, depending on delivery distance and other logistics.

Price Per Tray (10" x 20")


Estimated Time To Harvest

21-28 days

(940) 999-4686